Mission Statement

Binkeez for Comfort is a Guidestar Platinum 501c3 non-profit supports sacred pediatric communities: those of babies and children struggling to survive life threatening illnesses, and acute developmental disorders by LovingForward Binkeez blankets made from certified fabrics.  Made by hand and heart.


This conscious act of Loving Forward underlies the Binkeez for Comfort project, which currently supports patients in the leading children’s hospitals in the United States of America.  While Susan’s intent was always to promote an experience of healing and survival through the Binkeez for Comfort project, hospitals are taking note of the clinical benefits of Binkeez to improve outcomes among patients, and their families.

 Binkeez is more than just a blanket℠.
Binkeez is a conscious love initiative.

It’s about providing everlasting moments of comfort.
It’s about endless hugs.
It’s about an unconditional extension of love from one heart to another.
It’s about hundreds of yards of fabrics for hundreds of hearts.

Life is a gift.

It offers us the privilege, opportunity, and {responsibility}
to give something back by becoming more.
Anthony Robbins


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