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On the legacy of Emalynne McAtee as written for the Forward of the ABC’s of Love: A Love Story and the story behind Binkeez for Comfort ~Nicole DeRosa Cannella

It starts with a spark.
A spark of inspiration bringing creativity to fruition.
A leading light that beckons a timeless tale.
As an author of two children’s books, my personal flame was one sparked by compassion;
to tell tales through a child’s eyes to encourage empathy and caring through creativity.

The book you hold traces its spark back to a time of trials in the 1940s; to a letter written with profound love from a soldier father to his toddler daughter. It was a letter that lit a fire in that little girl’s heart to carry love forward and be led by faith.

The daughter of a seamstress and a soldier, that little girl grew in faith and fortitude—determined to live as salt and light and to plant proverbial seeds of love.

That same light of faith coursing through the years and passing hands from that once toddler daughter all grown and caring for her own gracious girl.

And as a spark spreads to a flame, a faith fire was brought to fruition in the heart of the granddaughter of the seamstress and faithful solider, who, though not a mother herself, longed to nurture that spark and cover others in its warmth.

Here grows the love story; one of two women’s goals to be a part of God’s grace and to wrap as many as could be touched in metaphorical and literal love.

Susan, the daughter of a missionary and granddaughter of that faith- filled soldier now waged her own war against anguish and sorrow in the form of blankets.

Sparks that led to seeds that led to the founding of an organization whose hopeful goal is to offer comfort through tangible touch and unsurpassed softness.

This book carries heartbeats of the past; of a soldier, a seamstress, a missionary, and a dreamer who wanted to do good.

Equally important, The ABCs of Love echoes the heartbeat of little fighters, soldiers in their own right, who have graced heaven’s door and those who have survived to live on and spread their own sparks.

Each one, each letter, each seed, each alphabet angel, wrapped in the warmth from a spark that started over 70 years ago.

And it’s still aglow.

How will you leave your mark? What seeds will you plant? Where will you find your spark ?

Seek it with faith and love and let God caress and bless the rest. With Love,

~Nicole DeRosa Cannella


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