Binkeez Programs

Angels Among Us

Supports our families that experience the loss of a child. Binkeez sends an expression of sympathy to the bereaved family. Each family who endures the loss of a child receives a beautiful handmade creation as a way of acknowledging and remembering their precious child. Each winter holiday season, Binkeez sends a special wooden expression of remembrance for their child who is no longer among us, in the earthly sense. In addition, every year on the anniversary (referred to as an “Angelversary” in this program) of each child’s passing, a card of remembrance is sent.

This special program is guided by an angel mom who resides in North Carolina. As an angel mom shared with us, “Grief is such a process and it is never over. Although the cards stop, the stories slow down, and sometimes stop. My biggest fear is that people forget. As a parent of an angel, I feel like I am losing and the distance becomes greater, and the new normal sets in. People always say the first year is the hardest. No, it’s numbing. The years that follow are not easier.” Inspired by Tara Bean


To provide children and young adults, with the most severe autism spectrum disorders acquired brain injuries, neurological diseasesand disorders, and dual diagnosis that remain as residential students, to provide textile  love and comfort for children that see and experience life through a different perspective while away from home.  Inspired by Braylon and our Partnership with the Clay Buchholz Foundation.


The Binkeez4Teenz Oncology program provides adolescents and teenagers with special Binkeez4Teenz. Teenagers diagnosed with cancer face unique treatment challenges and require different support than young children or adults.

Many teens with cancer fall into an ambiguous age-range between cancer treatment programs designed for children and those for adults, a complicating factor that adds to the challenges of diagnosing and treating them. There are so many resources and gifts for children, but not for teenagers.The Binkeez4Teenz blankets are adult size and design wise match current color and design trends and not childish patterns. Inspired by Ashley Wade

Bone Marrow Transplant

Supports children facing a BMT and children living with Epidermolysis Bullosa and facing bone marrow transplant. Inspired by Raul

Burn Comfort

Supports burn unit specializing in treatment and recovery of severe burns. Inspired by Leo


End of Life

Supports monthly programs for end of life, bereavement or palliative care units in a hospital. When a family learns their child will be placed on hospice or palliative care, the family is presented with a Binkeez. Upon the child’s death, the bereaved family can choose to be comforted by this special blanket and take it home with them as part of the grief process, or be presented with other options such as framing a piece of the blanket in a shadow box, or placing it at the foot of the child’s casket, whichever is most comforting for the family. Inspired by David

Intensive Care Unit Support

A stay in the ICU is never a scheduled stay, it means something catastrophic has happened leading a child and family there. For many, it’s our their alternative because it is the only floor equipped to deal with the complexities of our children. Being on the ICU means that your child is in the most critical condition and as a parent, you have no control and have little comfort to offer because your child is anchored to the bed with leads, breathing support, catheters and IVs.  Inspired by Charlie


Organ Transplant

Supporting children and families as they face life-extending surgeries for terminal conditions.  Inspired by Christopher


MIBG Therapy

Supports MIBG Therapy treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital. When a family is admitted for the 5 day MIBG Therapy they are presented with an Itty Bitty Binkeez for the child to snuggle with while exposed to a radiated isotype, and a child size blanket for the parent to snuggle with while behind the lead lined doors and later give to the child upon discharge because anything that goes into the child’s room during MIBG is disposed of due to exposure to radiation.MIBG {m-Iodobenzylguanidine} therapy is a type of radiation therapy used to kill cancer cells in children with certain kinds of cancer. It’s a way to get radiation inside your child’s body to target cancer cells wherever they are.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit {NICU}

Itty Bitty Binkeez are made using the leftover material from larger blankets.  Itty Bitty Binkeez are sent to NICUs in New England and proceeds from sales of these blankets provide funding to offer a supplemental donation when visiting other hospitals.  Once a year 400  Itty Bitty Binkeez are donated to the March of Dimes for Premature Awareness Month for every Level 3 NICU bed in New England. Inspired by Devon


Pediatric Oncology

Supports monthly individual requests for Binkeez for children fighting pediatric cancer through.





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