About Binkeez for Comfort

What is so special about Binkeez for Comfort blankets?

What is most important is each and every Binkeez are named after {inspirations} to our Binkeez for Comfort team from children facing the fight for their life, to persons that give forward and inspire us and to those who have received their angel wings.  Each Binkeez for Comfort represents comfort on a personal level.

The design of each  Binkeez for Comfort blanket have been thoughtfully thought out and designed by child life specialists, input from Medical Doctors and most important those that have cared for ill family members and loved ones.

Binkeez for Comfort are constructed from fabrics that are lead-free, hypo allergenic, and the fabric has been independently tested to pass Consumer Safety Act Protection Laws and Government Safety Standards. Each Binkeez Blanket is hand-crafted as a conscious act of love with the intent to figuratively and literally wrap patients, and their families, with the power that unconditional love bears upon healing and survival. Binkeez for comfort are made by hand and by heart.


All fabrics are machine wash, tumble dry.  Do not bleach.


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