The Bently

This week’s Friday light is Bentley. Bentley is a precious little man that was diagnosed with #Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma just days before turning 10 months old.

Battle #1
Our smiling, sparkly eyed Bentley had swelling in his face, which looked like an infected sinus. He had a bloody nose and was suddenly admitted to Akron Children’s Hospital. Two days later a biopsy was done, and he as diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma , a soft tissue cancer.
The following week he had surgery, to remove the tumor in his face. Then and chemo the week after surgery. Bentley completed 12 weeks of chemo, then traveled to Boston for five weeks of Proton Therapy radiation. Upon completion of the radiation, Bentley had weekly Chemo Treatments through June of 2015.

Battle #2
In July 2015, during his scans, a speck was observed in his lungs. One month later the speck had grown. began. Bentley began chemotherapy again, just days after his sister Chloé was born.

This treatment of chemo was very harsh. Bentley received treatment most weeks, with a few off weeks to build his immunity back up before continuing. His time off didn’t last, as he usually returned to the hospital for blood transfusions and platelets. He continued chemotherapy treatment until July 28, 2016 and was found with no evidence of disease the next day. Bentley was officially in remission!!! Three months later, his follow-up was still NED.

Battle #3
In January 2017, upon his six month follow-up, a tumor was found in Bentley’s face and one in his chest. He began chemo treatments that were administered at home. On May 9, 2017 we found out the tumor in his chest had grown a significant amount into almost a donut shape around the SVC (Superior Vena Cava) vessel which is connected to his heart. That is why his face had been puffy. The tumor was causing low blood flow throughout his face and chest. After Bentley completed five days of radiation to his chest n mid May they found that the tumor in his head has grown as well. He will soon begin 17 radiation treatments near the roof of his mouth.


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