The Joey

Friday’s Light. As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is the Joey. We are honored to introduce the Joey Binkeez for Comfort.
Joey bravely fought Stage IV Neuroblastoma and we are happy to share he is NED!
As his mom shared with us…
I am blessed to have met you! Your heart shines
so bright and your ability to give love and happiness is so special, you truly are an angel among those who really really need one! It has been one of my goals to not let stage 4 cancer make me or my kids bitter
or pessimistic. Instead I am teaching them to “choose happiness” and appreciate all we have. You’ve done that, and so so so so many people have been touched by your love. THANK YOU for choosing happiness and
love and creating Binkeez! I hope to see you again. Ps, Joey broke out in a severe allergic reaction (early stage anaphylactic) after you left. He’s been snuggling with his “sharkie” all day. My little shark boy! xo
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