The Austin

Friday’s Light. As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is 4 Paws for Austin. We are honored to introduce the Austin Binkeez for Comfort blanket.
About Austin. Austin was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in the early months of 2012. Following this diagnosis, his family learned that the seizures were caused by several rare malformations in his brain. Austin was put on anti-convulsant medications to regulate his brain waves, and for over a year they seemed to be working.
Now, in day-to-day life, Austin still has breakthrough seizures. These can happen at any time, and present themselves in any form. These seizures have been occurring more frequently and at increasing severity. There is no way for him to know when one is coming, and his mom just has to hope that he is in a safe place when it happens. Every day, his family lives in fear that a seizure will strike, and he will fall, hit his head, break an arm, and do more damage.
Despite all the challenges he has been faced with, Austin is still the most perfect little boy. Though he is non-verbal and requires assistive technology to communicate effectively, Austin is always smiling, extremely determined, and continues to remain positive every day. His teachers refer to him as the “Mayor of the School” because he has such an outgoing, friendly personality.
In 2013, his family contacted the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization 4 Paws for Ability in hopes to get Austin a service animal. A Seizure Alert Dog would decrease the immense amount of stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. Though seizures will still occur, an animal trained to sense them will alert Austin to get to a safe position, assuring that no further damage or injuries will occur. 4 Paws for Ability has made it their mission to provide service animals to children worldwide; and it costs them a total of $22,000-46,000 per animal.
Austin was placed in the October 2014 Training Class! They traveled to Ohio for 2 weeks to be trained on how to use a Service Dog specially picked for him and his needs: Paris came home with them in November 2014. The rest is history!
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