The Bailey

{Friday’s Light} As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is angel Prayforbailey. We are honored to introduce the Bailey Binkeez for Comfort.

Last year as shared by Bailey’s momma…

“You sent my daughter Bailey a binkeez for comfort blanket. My sweet girl passed from Neuroblastoma in July. I have an older son and he woke up this afternoon crying because he missed her. He sleeps with his sisters blankie every day. I am expecting another baby and we may try for another after. I wanted to purchase the same blankie for my other children in the future. It’s a pink blanket with polka dots on one side and bright flowers on the other. Here is on side of it. Is there any way to purchase two more of this blanket?

At the time, we had one Binkeez left in this orginal Sammy’s Superheroes fabric – I had tucked it away for something special. Well, guess where it went?

We had the honor to wrap Bailey’s momma and brother and soon to arrive new baby brother in the Bailey Binkeez while visiting San Diego.

We are honored that Bailey is letter B in The ABC’s of Love: A Love Story and Jackson still keeps her original Binkeez close to his heart every night.

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