The Carson

{Sunday’s Light} As the sun has set on the Sunday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is angel Carson. It is our honor to introduce the Carson Binkeez for Comfort.
Forever 11 years brave, Carson so bravely fought Anaplastic Astrocytoma and flew into the arms of the angels on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.
As shared on his Auntie Tawyna’s page…
One day the whole world
will feel the touch of GOLD.
The voices of children
will get louder and
their hearts will beat longer.
Their eyes will not close

before they see their DREAMS.

As shared by his aunt last year…

My 11 year old nephew Carson has one of your blankets. It has been one of his comforts while he battles cancer. He is now unfortunately in hospice and that blanket is with him   still helping him stay comfy. Yesterday I had the pleasure of touching his Binkeez. That is the softest material I have ever touched! Thank you for giving all those fighting tough battles a soft comforting snuggle!
Your kind words, prayers and comfy blankets are more then enough. What you do for all these fighters is a blessing that each of them will never forget. When someone is sick and scared and especially at the end of their precious life you hope and pray that they feel comfortable. Your Binkeez help provide that!

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