The Ben

As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Ben.  We are proud to introduce the Ben Binkeez for Comfort.


Benjamin’s story is quite a unique one. Benjamin was born in June 2014 and suffered trauma to his esophagus shortly after his birth. He was transferred to the Neonatal ICU at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA due to the complications.

Fast forward approximately 3 weeks, and a tumor was discovered on the left side of Ben’s neck/throat area. Ben went in for surgery on Friday July 25th, and the tumor was completely removed. It was then that we learned that it was most likely neuroblastoma.

Since his surgery, Ben has undergone a lot of testing to ensure that the cancer had not yet spread. The CT scan, MRI, and bone scan all came back negative, which was amazing news.

Ben’s MIBG scan, however, showed that it had spread to the lymph node on the other side of his neck.

Through all of this, Ben has been an incredibly happy baby. He smiles, tries to talk to us, and has been overall amazing through his treatment. His strength gives us strength. Because of him, we are Ben Strong.

Today, Ben is more then ever #BenStrong and showed Neuroblastoma what BenStrong meant!

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