The Ashley

{Sunday’s light} As the sun has set on this beautiful summer Sunday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Ashley. We are honored to introduce the Ashley Binkeez for Comfort.

We are honored to walk alongside Ashley, Founder of the The Ashley Wade Foundation in the love and efforts to support chronically ill children and the families. Ashley is love a wise beyond her years.

As shared from Ashley’s mother’s heart…

Growing up Ashley was always sweet, sensitive and full of energy. As a child she was happy and loved sports, reading and crafts. She was a gifted athlete who played 3 varsity sports for all 4 years in high school. Ashley dreamed of one day playing ice hockey at a D1 college. All of that changed when she became sick. For 2 years Ashley saw numerous doctors and was treated at different hospitals for severe stomach pain. At age 17 Ashley was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Ashley’s painful Crohn’s symptoms started when she was a sophomore in high school. By early senior year she was too sick to attend school regularly. Ashley learned all too quickly having fun came secondary to the rigors of treatments and hospitalizations. After many days in the hospital Ashley saw just how many children suffered from chronic illnesses, just like her. Ashley knows firsthand just how hard it is to spend days in the hospital or having to visit the hospital often for treatment. So many children suffer everyday and miss out on just being a kid. Watching other children suffer from chronic illnesses is hard for Ashley because she knows just how they feel.

For the last three years Ashley has been receiving Remicade infusion treatments that have helped her bring normalcy back to her life. When Ashley finally started feeling better, she vowed to bring joy to the kids who are battling chronic illnesses, and to give back to her hospital that took such good care of her.

Ashley started the Ashley Wade Foundation in 2012 in an effort to bring joy to the lives of children suffering from chronic illnesses. As Ashley says “It is my hope to take their mind off their disease, and bring happiness, even if it’s just for a little while. Every child battling a chronic illness is special, and I want them to know that”

We are blessed to Partner with you, Ashley.

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