The Taylor

I am many things. People say i’m strong,brave,and hopeful. But behind all of that i’m b-r-o-k-e-n. I never signed up for this cancer patient thing. And if I could sign up for it,I wouldn’t. Cancer is hurtful,evil,and conniving. It ruined a 13 year old’s life. It stopped her dead in her tracks. She was a happy little girl enjoying the world. And it turned her into a sad helpless little girl. She thought her life was over. Death was on her mind 24/7. That shouldn’t be on a child’s mind. NEVER… Her family was there to support her through it all. But it was still tough on all of them. She ended up beating cancer but she was still in it’s world.
Surgeries,procedures,scans,and more were still in her life. She has lost people that she truly cared about. Her life has been changing dramatically. But sadly she can’t tell if it’s for the good or bad. Some changes she really didn’t like. But she knows God has a plan for her. She has been trying to find her new “normal”. It’s been harder than she thought it was going to be. She never got to live a “normal” teenage life. Now she has a new motive. Spreading awareness for the childhood cancer. 4% government funding isn’t enough. Over 14,000 kids are getting diagnosed with cancer. And we only get 4% funding…are you kidding me. WE NEED HELP. Small donations go a long way. Believe me I see the differences everyday. St.Jude needs your help. It takes 1.8 million dollars to run it for a day. Donations are the lifeline of the hospital. I found my new calling. And hopefully this girl will find herself again. I’ve been through hell and back.
But I don’t think i’m an inspiration or even strong. I cry,I breakdown,and I even give up. I’m no hero. Heroes don’t cry. They stand strong and tall. And can face anything. But me,I don’t think so. I’m human. I’m still a little girl that’s afraid of the world at times. Finding myself won’t be easy. But I think I can do it. I don’t know what the future holds. But I hope it will be a new and beautiful chapter in my life. I’m just exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.
-Taylor Kyser (Age 16,Osteosarcoma)
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