The Eli

{Sunday’s Light} As the sun has set on the first Sunday summer night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Inspiration Elijah James Journey.
It is our honor to introduce the Eli Binkeez that was designed by his friend and Paralympian Rachael Burrows.
Elijah was born Dec 16,2010 and against all odds he is thriving. He has the most severe case of Spina Bifida to ever survive. His spine is open from c4- All the way down.
During his moms pregnancy with Elijah they were told he had a 0% chance of survival. We sought out many specialists, research groups or studies in hopes that someone would give us a chance. Everyone of them turned us down, 10 different Drs said there was no hope of survival. That Elijah would be unable to breathe or swallow. That if by some miracle he was able to breathe on his own he would absolutely be a vegetable, quadriplegic with no quality of life.
It was a very scary time in our lives awaiting the arrival of our precious Eli.
The day of Elis birth was such a whirlwind of emotions. There were terrible ice storms that were delaying everything, even our Dr got in an accident on the way to deliver Elijah. We were feeling like everything was crashing down on us. All of the medical personnel were still convinced that Eli wouldn’t live, even though we had made it farther than anyone expected. They were explaining to us that they had a private room set up in the NICU so that we could say goodbye to Elijah after he passed.
GOD had other plans!! Elijah came out breathing on his own, crying and MOVING his arms & legs. It was the most beautiful moment to hear him cry, he was Breathing!! That is something we have learned not to take for granted, breathing, such a simple thing. Not in our world.
Elijah has many challenges medically and has quite a bit of paralysis that he is working on. He is building strength everyday and such an inspiration to so many people. His testimony has reached so many and renewed faith in our loving, merciful God. Miracles do still happen and I am honored to have been chosen as the mommy to one of them. So thankful to have a front row seat to watch the plan God has for our precious son unfold.
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