The Michaela

{Sunday’s Light} As the sun has set on this Sunday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Miracles for Michaela. We are honored to introduce the Michaela Binkeez for Comfort and words from her heart.

“One day I was feeling really bad, kinda sad to cause feeling sick is never fun for anyone especially those young and true. It was then I heard a peck on the door and went to see who I was looking for, there was noone there but I looked down and saw a box for me, and I wondered oh my goodness what could it be, what could be in a box for me!! As I opened it the excitement I felt as I grabbed it the softness I felt, and when I pulled it out it was a special Blanket called a Binkeez just for me . Well that was the beginning of my very own special Binkeez I took it everywhere I went , to the hospitals and on long trips . This Binkeez become my favorite thing I could take it everywhere no one minded and said how sweet. As I’ve grown that special Binkeez got smaller but I used it anyway and I got alot taller. So today as I slept my mom heard a peck at the door and she caught glimpse of a box for her and me. She opened it up and found inside that it was my new Binkeez with these special wish flowers and oh so soft it felt , I wasn’t quite awake you see but I snuggled it tight and went back to sleep . This new Binkeez has so much special those who made it called it tge Michaela ! Can you belive a blanket for me?! One named after me! Why how special that made me feel ,my favorite part are tge wish flowers everytime I blow them in the summer I just know that as they spread in the wind every single child gets a wish, a cure, strength, and joy. So this special Binkeez is very special to me ,you see this year I received my make a wish trip, and everytime it turns 11:11 I just know someone is wishing with me , the kind of wishes only those who fight big battles like me know and that’s to wish that one day there will be a cure and all heartache will be washed away cause they have another wish coming soon. Everytime I hold my Binkeez wish blanket I’ll make wish after wish ..

Thank you Binkeez I’ll forever hold you all dear to my heart. My wish blanket is very special to me . Love and hugs always Michaela”

Michaela bravlely lives and faces each with Mitochondrial Disease, Dysautonomia, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome .

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