The Jake

{Sunday’s Light} As the sun has set on this Sunday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Jake. We are proud to introduce the Be Royal Jake Binkeez made possible by the Clay Buchholz Foundation.
As Jake’s mother shared with us…
This has been terribly hard on him. He was 15 when diagnosed and right before Christmas. Everything has changed him and was afraid to leave home. He was really good at basketball and that ended for him. But it’s been a little over over a year and he’s starting to feel and act like himself again! Starting to socialize. We tried to explain his friends loved him for who he was and not how he’s changed in appearance. He may never believe us, but it’s true! I guess when he has children one day, he will find this all out. It’s life’s lessons. I believe God may have a special purpose for him and sent him down a certain path for reason. He now talks about nursing in his future! He can share his story with young patients and help them!
We are so happy he was able to do a special delivery with Lindsay in Missouri.
Jake, you are so brave!
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