The Benton

{Friday’s Light} As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Benton. We are proud to introduce the Benton. We were honored to meet Benton and his family when we were at St. Jude’s last fall.

Benton’s babysitter, Kim, whose daughter, Emily, was a St. Jude patient, knew from experience that something wasn’t right with his health. When the warning signs proved true, Benton’s family turned to St. Jude, too.

As Benton’s mom shared, one things that comforts Benton during this nightmare is a soft blankie! He is a true super hero and a fighter! When he was first diagnosed I at him on the side of his hospital bed and asked him to make me a promise. I said promise me you will be a fighter, fight hard, and never give up… Mommy needs u buddy! One night a few weeks ago while we were laying in bed I told him I was very proud of him because he was so strong and a super hero.

He looked at me and his response was, mommy it’s cause u said u need me that one day!

Benton is still in active treatment, but his cancer went into remission in August of 2015. “August 23rd, about 2:45 in the afternoon,” said Marcy, “I’ll never forget it.”

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