the Rachelle

{the Rachelle} It is our honor to introduce the Rachelle Binkeez for Comfort. We share her journey directly from her heart…
“One day I was waking up getting ready to go sit by the pool & plan my sophomore year of college. The next I am being told I have leukemia & am being shipped to my new home on the fifth floor of Hasbro 5. “- Rachelle
Rachelle was a 19 year old who had just finished her freshman year of nursing at Curry College. She was enjoying summer by the pool with friends & working her retail job at old navy. She specifically remembers old navy because on $1 flip-flop day June 28th 2014 was the first day her symptoms came to a roaring head as an annoying cold. After weeks of visiting the doctors & passing out, Rachelle & her mom finally got the answer they had been looking for on July 19th 2014. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) the doctors told them. Now even though Rachelle had blood cancer she had a special gene & after her first round of chemo was considered in remission. So 7 months later & four rounds of chemo later Rachelle was officially out of the hospital.
However while she was in the hospital Rachelle’s spirit never wavered. She kept her head held high by cracking jokes with the doctors & nurses. As, well as trying to bond with the younger patients around her. She has such a big heart & tries to give back in anyway she can. Since being out of the hospital she volunteers for the Izzy Foundation’s JR. board & also happens to volunteer for BINKEEZ!!!!
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