the Kendal

As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Kendal.  We are honored to introduce the Kendal Binkeez for Comfort.

What made this delivery so special was the heart behind the delivery, a fellow fighter and friend named Rachelle, who also wrote the following about Kendal.

Kendal is the most kind-hearted girl you’ll ever have to pleasure of meeting. She loves to do artwork and while going through treatment would do giant art projects in her room to keep her occupied. She loves to play on her ipad & creates her own video games.  She is a little quiet when you first get to know her but cares for everyone. She even helps the little ones in clinic with art projects that maybe difficult for them to do.

Kendal, Kendal’s mom, dad & 3 sisters on November 22nd 2014 finally got an answer to their questions to why Kendal had so much pain in her hip. It just wasn’t the answer any family wants; it was stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Kendal for the next year & a month under went treatment & finally on December 31st, 2015 had her last day of chemotherapy. Even though treatment left her with a brace on her left leg it doesn’t slow her high-strung spirit down.

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