the Atticus

As the son has set on this Sunday, night tonight’s most beautiful light is angel Atticus.   At the age of one year brave and 11 months he flew into the arms of the angels after fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma for one year.


Atticus was a fun loving child who enjoyed hearing stories, playing with his cars, running around all over, splashing around in the tub or sink, watching Elmo or throwing balls for people to chase. He also loved playing on his red slide and swing, asking for kisses or just trying to make people laugh.

Atticus mommy and daddy, Melissa and Krystofer, miss him so very much as does his sisters Olivia, Iris and his baby brother Miles.

We wanted to share words from his momma’s heart…

Atticus hated blankets. If you ever visited him in the hospital, or were one of his nurses, you know that he was happiest in just a diaper. If you tried to cover him with a blanket, even in his sleep, he would instantly kick it off. If he was awake and you tried to cover him, he would stand up, grab the blanket and throw it out the crib. Then he would throw the toys and pillows and just for good measure he would pull the sheet off his bed and throw that too.
He knew he had to get dressed and have socks or shoes on to go on his beloved walks but when he was in his room, he ditched all that stuff. People would walk in and comment to us “isn’t he cold?” and we would invite them to attempt to cover him up and see how that went.

But there was one blanket. It was the only blanket he would let me snuggle him in and it was the blanket I covered him in the moment he took his last breath. It was given to us in New York and it is the softest blanket in the whole world. He loved to nuzzle his little face against it. It came from an organization called Binkeez for Comfort. They are special blankets given to kids fighting life threatening illnesses. We keep it in our living room now and the girls love wrapping up in it to feel close to Atticus. Or I use it to rock sweet Miles to sleep. (About the only time he will snuggle) A few weeks ago, I contacted the organization just to say thank you and let them know how special their blanket is to us.
They wrote back and designed an “Atticus blanket”. Last night we came home to a package with two beautiful blankets inside. The girls were so excited. They both went to sleep snuggled in their Atticus blankets. Thank you binkeez for comfort for your thoughtful gift.

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