the Amiyah

{Friday’s Light} As the sun has set on this Friday night, tonight’s most beautiful light is angel Amiyah.   Forever beautiful Amiyah was diagnosed on 04/03/14 with Hypo-diploid A.L.L and on 1/24/2015 she flew into the arms of the angels after the bravest fight.

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We share very beautiful but heartaching words from her mom shared on New Years Eve.

As today ends 2015, I have sat and thought about how our lives have changed this year. What we have been through. What we have been able to experience, good and not so good. Memories that will forever be treasured. People who have blessed our lives. Building a future with just the 4 of us. Learning to survive daily without fear. Holding onto the promises we have been given. Loving without regret. Learning to let go. Being a better mother. Being a better wife.
This evening Pablo was building something on our garage for Amiyah’s event and I thought, well today is the last day of the year so I am going to go through Amiyah’s clothes. Then I won’t have to look or touch them for another year. Well, let’s say I sobbed. Which was suspected. However, this time I was not angry. I was grateful. Strange it sounds, yes. Grateful for the memories I could think of while touching and smelling them. Remembering her beautiful smile. Remembering her hand on hip and lips puckered out. Where pictures we’re taken. Thinking to myself, wow I am one blessed mama to have loved and been loved by such a beautiful little girl who’s heart was so pure and filled with joy.

Tonight, I will smile. I will be joyful. I will be grateful. May you all have a blessed New Year! Be safe!
Today, and everyday we wrap Amiyah’s family in all our love.

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