the Brody

{the Brody} It is our honor to introduce the Brody Binkeez for Comfort.
Just days ago, Brody flew into the arms of the angels after a most brave fight with Stage IV Alveolar RMS. He was diagnosed at age of 23 months (June 2014).
As shared on his support page this type of cancer, which is most likely to occur during the teen years, most often affects the arms or legs, chest, or abdomen. It is fast growing and often more difficult to treat than its sister. This type of cancer never stopped or defined Brody. Not even after a knee dis-articulation (amputation).
Brody and his family are also part of our Binkeez family and are so very special to all of us. We are humbled that they asked for all memorial donations to benefit a Brody BinkeezLove hug program that his parents will be part of creating every detail of.
Rose and Mark, we all love you and here for you.
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