the Raygen

{the Raygen} As the sun has set on this beautiful fall night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Raygen Strong. We are so proud to introduce the Raygen Binkeez inspired by her brave journey with Neuroblastoma.
Two yeats ago and on May 19th Raygen complained of a belly ache, as she did the week before; but this time was a bit different.
She was in ALOT of pain. On May 20th I had Ben take her to the Dr because she was in pain and just hurt. They asked if I knew when she had her last bowl movement. (With having a 3 month old, I couldn’t remember) Without them jumping the gun, they sent her home with Mylanta and said if she gets worse, go to the ER and they would run more tests. That night when Ben got home she was doubled over in pain. He took her to the ER and our world was turned upside down.
I just remember him calling me at home and saying her white blood count was high. I thought appendix so I packed a bag for a 2 day to stay in the hospital. I went to bed that night until it was confirmed. Ben called me about 1:30 and said that his mom and my mom were coming over and we were having to take Raygen to Dayton Childrens. He wouldn’t tell me why over the phone, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I felt sick. I prayed. I knew what it was going to be.
Raygen was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. A cancerous tumor on her adrenal gland above her right kidney. She also has a spot on each lung. A lymph node between the right lung and heart is enlarged and cancer in the bones. Yeah, ALOT to take in…..
We drove down to Dayton Childrens and they began running tests ASAP. She makes me so proud of how she is handling this. I know she is scared and so are we! Everytime someone came in the room she cried and we wanted to cry with her, but we had
to be strong for her. When they would do a test they would give her an amnesia medicine so she wouldn’t remember it. They also told us that she would be sleeping for a couple hours after each test. NOT our Raygen! You could hear her talking dow the halls.
As shared on her page yesterday…
Amazing at how fast these last 2 years have gone. Today was 2 years ago that Raygen underwent a 7 hour surgery to remove her 2 main tumors.
We knew Dr Christian was going to do great; along with his team. We cannot than you enough.
Same goes for Raygens oncologist Dr Dole, Dr French and Dr Broxson. Without the treatment plan that they provided our sweet girl is able to dream about the future “Class of 2028!”
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