The Martha

Martha Jane Macwilliams was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer two  days before her 29th birthday.

Martha has been a true inspiration  throughout her battle. Martha has many nieces and nephew’s and relishes  in her job as greatest auntie on the planet. She is very close to her  family and was just recently engaged to be married, To a wonderful and  strong man who will stand by her side. Martha has continued going to  school to pursue her nursing degree. Anyone who meets her is embraced by  her amazing smile and loving eyes. Martha has a never ending energy for  her life and the lives of those around her. She’s an amazing caregiver  and constantly thinks of others before herself. Some of her favorite  things to do or take care of her animals. Martha is a pig farmer! And  also a lover of dogs. The world is a better place with Martha in it.

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