The Wyatt

{the Wyatt} It is our honor to introduce the Wyatt Binkeez for Comfort inspired by the life and journey of Save Wyatt – Our Superman​.


Angel Wyatt was born on April, 2013, with Intracardial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return, Wyatt had his first open heart surgery that June to relocate valves and repair holes in the atrial walls.

Likely due to the trauma of the surgery, he developed Pulmonary vein stenosis (PV), a rare and serious condition in which the blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood from the lungs back to the heart want to collapse.

Wyatt endured his second open heart surgery that August for the PV but the likelihood of these veins staying open permanently without further specialized treatment was essentially zero.

Children’s Hospital Boston had the most advanced program for treating PV in the country. But neither his parents’ insurance nor Medi-Cal covered the medical flight needed to get him there. Angel Flight agreed to fly him for $23,000

On March 21, 2015 at 11:34 am Wyatt flew into the arms of the angels.

Last night, Wyatt’s mom was presented with the Wyatt Binkeez that Wyatt’s aunts had their heart print in and also funded Binkeez for other most beautiful sweet{hearts}.

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