The James

{The James}  As the sun has set on this beautiful late summer night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Love for james​.

We are so proud to introduce the James Binkeez for Comfort inspired by sweet James.

James is 6 years old, autistic and a cancer warrior and as his mom shared, it doesn’t get more tough than that. Shared with us from his momma…

“On October 12, 2012, we took my son to the Family Practice Clinic on JEB Little Creek. He had what we thought was a stomach bug. When he went in for vitals to be taken, we realized it was something more than that. His blood pressure was sky high, even for an adult, and his pulse was even worse. The physician called the ER at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center and told them to expect us. When we got there James had scans, tests and labs done. Later that evening we were told in short, “Your child has two very large masses, one in the neck and one in his abdominal cavity, they are cancerous. What is left to determine is what kind.” What happened after that was a bit of a blur. James was admitted as inpatient and we met members of all sorts of different medical departments. On the following day we had met with the surgery team and they told me James had biopsies scheduled. While they had to wait for results to officially come back to label it, the fact he had masses in different locations told them it was more than likely neuroblastoma. So October 13, 2012, we had an idea of what my son was to battle. Results came in a few days later confirming what the doctors had already known, and if that wasn’t enough, he was diagnosed as stage 4. We met the oncology team, reviewed the treatment plan and started as soon as we were able. A lot has happened for James in almost 2 years time. He has been admitted as inpatient a total of atleast 263 days (yes I have stopped counting), had 15 rounds of chemo, more than 12 surgical procedures, endured two 10+ hour tumor resection surgeries, been on a ventilator 5 times, endured a stem cell transplant, 20 rounds of radiation, 2 cases of ascites, significant high frequency hearing loss, 5 cycles of CH 14.18 antibody and Accutane Treatments, MIBG therapy, ICU admissions, fevers and infections are more than I care to count, a few bouts of hypertensive and hypoglycemic shock and literally hundreds of lab draws. Obviously you can see that James is in much better condition than he has been in the past, and all we have to say is here’s to the fight to keep going.

James recently started 1st grade.   His appetite is growing and he is trying new foods, his vocabulary  is growing and he is having less behavioral issues at school.  From a Neuroblatoma stand point we are continuing on more accutane and are hoping to see stability or decrease in his neuroblastoma when he scans in November. It will have been 6 months since his last set by then. I’m hopeful that we will see good results. “

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