The TJ

{the TJ Binkeez for Comfort} As the sun has set on this late summer’s night, tonight’s most beautiful light is Prayers for TJ Mauck​.

As his mom shared with us…

Tj is the most amazing little guy you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. He is shy and quiet at first but once he opens up he has the sweetest most tender heart. He loves people and
always worries about how others are feeling. He looks for ways to make other kids and people happy. Even if that means giving up something of his… like a toy he loves. Tj is so full of energy and life. You would never know he had cancer less than a year ago.

He is your typical boy. On the go. Bumps and bruises. Playing in the mud. Collecting bugs. Being a little dare devil. He is very strong. He has proven this too us over and over.

On September 11, 2014 TJ  went in for a routine hernia surgery…
very quickly thia ‘routine surgery’ turned into a parents nightmare. Tj had cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma. He was two years old at the time. A port was placed and 6 months of chemotherapy started. Through it all he stayed brave and strong. Even on his sickest days. He would smile and laugh. He kept the rest of us around him positive. March 2015 TJ officially was in remission.

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