The Nelly

{the Nelly} we are so honored to introduce the Nelly Binkeez for Comfort. This blanket was inspired by the sassy and classy Jenelle who is so bravely Ewing Sarcoma. As her friends will say she has an irrepressible spirit and anyone that spends one moment with her is infused with her beautiful energy.

Nelly is everything teenager that is a distinguished cheerleader, softball players and dancer. Everything changed on New Year;s Day 2014 when she started experiencing tingling in her legs and fingers.

Her journey then began fighting Ewing Sarcoma and has been fighting, going to clinic,

Her family just learned that Nelly could not have any more surgeries on her spine. Her spinal cord is pretty much damaged and is paralyzed at this point in time. They also learned that further chemo or radiation is not an option. Just days after her Wish trip, she lost use of her legs and is now paralyzed.

That spirit of hers is fighting like no other. Please wrap your hearts around Nelly and her family.

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