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{Inspiration Ryan} We are honored to introduce the Team Ryan, Praying for the Perfect Match Binkeez for Comfort and to share today is +100 in his journey and a fight for the second time. We got to meet his miracle and bone marrow donor, his sister.

We feel so blessed we got to spend time with Ryan, his mom and amazing sisters this past week in San Diego.

Ryan is a true inspiration. Read why…

On May 5, 2001, Ryan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He was only 3 years old. A mass about the size of a grape located deep inside his Pineal region. We were devastated. Our sweet little boy would soon begin his brave and courageous battle with Cancer. Over then next 4 years, Ryan endured over 14 months of Chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation therapy, multiple surgeries and many hospital stays. It felt like most of Ryan’s young life was spent in and out of the hospital. We prayed everyday for a miracle. We never gave up hope that Ryan’s inoperable tumor would someday be removed. Throughout those 4 years, we met with several doctors, desperate to find help for our son. They all said the same thing, “Ryan would not survive the surgery”. That is until we met Dr. Levy, a neurosurgeon at Rady Children’s San Diego. Dr. Levy believed he could help Ryan with his unconventional surgical approach, and remove the tumor. He gave us the hope we had been praying for. We knew there were risks involved, but we also knew, Ryan’s tumor was already considered at end stage. This, we feared, might be our last hope to save our son. Ryan’s surgery was scheduled 2 days later. On June 14th, 2005, Dr. Levy performed the “impossible” and removed Ryan’s inoperable tumor. The brain tumor Ryan battled for 4 years was completely Gone!
Ryan is living proof that Miracles can and do happen!

Fast forward to today:

At the end of January 2015, we learned that Ryan is now battling a rare blood disorder called secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome or MDS. Secondary, because it is a rare side effect from the chemotherapy and radiation he endured battling a brain tumor when he was only 3. It is unimaginable that Ryan will have to go through this again, and our hearts are broken. It just doesn’t seem real to us, but the reality is, Ryan’s bone marrow is failing, and he is in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant. The next few months are going to be full of many challenges, all of which, will lead Ryan down his road to recovery. First step was to find Ryan a Bone Marrow donor. His 3 sisters were tested in February, with one being a Perfect Match!
God has blessed us with another miracle!


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