Inspiration Kasey

Last week we had the honor to meet and wrap Kasey in the Kasey Binkeez for Comfort.

This young lady is truly something else. While she fights, she smiles. While she fights, she trains to get ready to go back to soccer. While she fights, she smiles.

About Kasey
Kasey H, a popular 13 year old teenager who lives in Rancho Penasquitos, CA and is a goalkeeper for her competitive soccer team, was diagnosed with a Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer a few days after being treated for what was thought to be a severe sinus infection.

Kasey is a strong girl and will beat this. She has a year’s worth of chemotherapy and radiation to get through before she can play soccer and go back to school. She is lucky to have such wonderful parents, a little sister and the love and support of many, many friends and their family back in New Zealand.

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