The Collins

Pictured here are Collins brothers wrapped in the Collins Binkeez on his birthday

In memory of Collins, we raise money for charity by selling beautiful handmade clovers and items. 100% of proceeds will benefit Binkeez for Comfort in 2015

Have you ever had an event happen that moved you? Moved you to the point you couldn’t sit by and do nothing? Moved you to action? Collins was that moment for us. His precious life, all 37 hours of it, touched each one of us. As we all were celebrating the birth or impending arrival of a new bundle of joy, one of us lost her dear child. Collins’s passing made each of us hold our children a little closer and recognize what a precious gift all children are. We celebrate Collins with these clovers.

Mission Statement

Clovers for Collins (C4C) aims to provide monetary support, in the memory of Collins, to charities that benefit babies, young children and their families through the sale of hand-crafted clovers and various donated wares. We seek to utilize the power of social media to mobilize anyone who may have been touched by child or infant loss and to bolster the missions of those charities that assist families in their times of need. Although we were formed to commemorate Collins, the work we do and the funds we raise represent all those children whose families have been forced to grieve their loss.

We are a group of mothers who have rallied around the family following the loss of Collins. We are people who met online and who want to use the Internet to impact others in a similar way. We are women who have discovered how this massive world can seem so small when one tiny, precious life is cut short.


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