The Ava


We met Ava this past December on a trip to Christopher’s Haven​ We were greeted by her shy get exuberant personality.

Ava pulls no punches.

She is fully aware of the fight that she is fighting with Atypical Skull based meningioma, and it resonates deep within her. Ava is full
of energy, and gravitates towards those who understand what she’s going through. Avas’ honesty is intriguing. You never have to worry about how she feels when she’s around you because she lets you know every step of the way.

She is an amazing young lady with a strong heart and body. Avas’ biggest inpriration is her big brother. His kindness and compassion has held her up during the hard times. They are quite the pair. Ava and her mother often come to Binkeez Headquarters to love forward.

Ava plays in the love dust as her mom cuts new blankets. This is a
magical family with amazing hearts. Thank you Ava for trusting those you met with your heart and soul. You are an inspiration.

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