The Beau

Beau Story is  Christophers Haven resident. But not just any resident, he is a 23-year-old inspiration. All of the children gravitate towards Beau. They love how tall he is, and how impressively compassionate he is at all times. When you meet Beau, you can feel his heart and his humanity. There is also an incredible sense of strength resonating within him. And a smile that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Beau comes to us from Napa Valley California. He has been fighting adenoid cystic carcinoma since July 2014. Beau tells us that, being excepted into dental school and meeting new sincere friends along his journey has motivated him during the hard times. He is thankful for all the love and support, so that he can enjoy every moment of what life has to offer. We believe that says it all! He is wiser than his years and has shown us what it is to be a true fighter. Living each day to the fullest and never making excuses. We are inspired by his strength, and determination and his big heart.

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