The Titus

Meet Angel Titus. He was diagnosed at the early age of just 5 months with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He went into remission on November of 2013. Titus then relapsed in April of 2014 and remission was once achieved again, he received a match to have a Bone Marrow transplant on June 6, 2014. After several months of medicine, treatments and many restrictions. Everything was looking great and things seemed to be getting back to a normal state. Until a routine visit on November 6, 2014, it was said that he had once again relapsed.

On April 15, 2015, he flew into the arms of the angels. As shared in his obituary,  “Titus’s tiny little spirit left this world only two years after he entered it, with so much light and love in his heart. He left a huge impact on this world around him in deep and lasting ways. He taught us about strength and compassion in his short time here on Earth. He was always at the ready to put snacks in his friends and families mouths, smile at the big kids, a firetruck, or a train. He loved snuggles from his parents, grandparents and his big sister, Carmen. From the moment Titus was born, he was a force with a stern brow and caring blue eyes. He was known for his smiling eyes and his heartwarming belly-laugh.  Many will say he had such an old soul.”
To follow Titus’ journey:
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