The Ahmie

Meet our friend Ahmie.  She is bravely fighting Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors.

Ahmie has a smile like no other. She is a sister and a beautiful poet. Miss Ahmie also studies Japanese.

Over a year ago Ahmie survived an 11 hour surgery where they removed tumors, her appendix, spleen, uterus, eggs, half of her diaphragm, and peritoneum lining of her abdomen. She was in the ICU for 6 days and 29 days on the recovery floor. Always is Ahmie a arrior and even though these evil tumors are spreading and growing, her mom shared that her daughter is the winner because of her strength and positive attitude.
As recently shared by her mom, Ahmie has mass fluid in her lungs and mass tumors in her entire body. There is not going to be a cure and at this point we are keeping her as comfortable as possible. So many of us love her and this is very hard to hear. Please embrace her sister, Aishah, whose heart is already breaking.

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