The Serenity

Meet our friend, Serenity AKA Little Miss Sunshine. She is bravely fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma. Serenity’s parents met with the surgeon prior to surgery and he indicated the tumor had only decreased in size about 15%.  He expressed many concerns and advised it would be a long day, in fact he said “he’ll keep at it even if it takes 20 hours. He said it is like he doing a marathon because he doesn’t take breaks.” The surgery last all day and into the early morning hours of the following day.  Neuroblastoma is one of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

As shared by her mom, “Today marks 6 months from the day we found out Serenity had a tumor. That is 182 days. Out of those 182 days we have been either in the hospital or in clinic 130 days.”  Serenity continues to fight and overcome many obstacles.
To follow Serenity’s Journey:
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