The Sydni

{Friday’s Light}
As the sun has set on this winter’s night, tonight’s light is sweet Sydni. Sydni and her families journey fight with brain cancer began on January 14th, 2005. As shared by her dad, You see, that was the day that changed the course, and perspective, of my life. I now saw the world through altered eyes. For on that fateful day (amidst my extreme heartbreak and gut-wrenching fear … whilst I was cradling Sydni in Room 906 at Children’s Hospital Boston) I whispered in her ear and promised my daughter that if she would just give me an opportunity to be a father; that’s all I asked for – simply the chance to be a loving Dad to her – then I avowed before God in that very hospital room to love her no matter where the fates may take us. I gave my word that, if need be, I would be my daughter’s legs to walk, her eyes to see and her hands to eat.A poem written for Sydni by her daddy…

Please Believe Daddy

Today as I held my daughter so tight,
A selfish thought arose.
What happened to my happy life?
This isn’t what I chose.
I thought if only I followed the rules,
Lending always a helping hand,
That my just reward would be healthy children,
Not bitter anguish and demand.
But then something special happened,
Just as my heart cast doubt,
This angel opened her tiny little eyes,
And her gaze began to shout.
Please believe Daddy!
That this is meant to be,
I know it’s hard to understand,
But trust and you will see.
Please believe Daddy!
That miracles do come true.
I see in your heart how very sad you are,
Have faith … God is with you.
Well tears filled my eyes as I pondered this sign,
How dare I question God’s way.
And as I kissed this Angel’s chubby little cheeks,
In a whisper I did say.
I do believe my daughter,
You’re an angel sent from above,
God didn’t forsake my definition of life,
He instead blessed it with love.
I do believe my daughter,
That, yes, this was meant to be,
I understand, I shall follow the light,
Through you … God allows me to see.
I understand, I shall follow the light,
Through you … God allows me to see.

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