The Cash

Meet Angel Cash. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 4 years old.

Cash beat the cancer and at age 5 it had returned fiercer than ever.
As shared on his Facebook page, “His symptoms returned after he had an amazing weekend in New York filming a commercial with Jimmy Fallon. The tumor is growing at a very fast rate and is now inoperable. Megan and Rob are faced with every parents worst nightmare, losing their child. They will spending their remaining time with Cash making sure he is happy, knows he’s loved. But how do you cram a life time into a few weeks.”
“Cash Shank is cancer & pain free. On Thursday February 6, 2014 Cash passed away. He fought a d**n hard fight, and never once gave up, or complained a long the way. He seemed to always smile, even on his sh*****t of days. We will keep this page open as long as the family wants it to be. I know there are so many people who have fallen in love with this sweet boy. He will NEVER be forgotten. Our Superhero he will always be.”
To learn about Cash and his journey visit,
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