The Adrian

Meet Angel Adrian.  He bravely fought Wilms’ Tumor; he was diagnosed in October 2011.

Adrian underwent 6 days radiation and 25 weeks of chemo. His post treatment scans were clear and his 3 month post treatment scans were clear. His 6 month scans showed tumors in his lungs. They started more chemo and started the fight all over again. After 3 rounds, they found out his tumors were growing during chemo treatment.  Radiation was started in hopes to shrink the tumors and allow further treatment. He was stable and continued chemo until Dec2013/Jan2014 when the tumors were again growing. Adrian traveled down to Levine Childrens Hospital, North Carolina for radiation, surgery and radiation mesh to be placed where the tumors were growing. They waited for inflammation to go down so they could scan and see if this treatment worked. It did not. Adrian was started on a trial drug and added another chemo to try and get him stable again. On July 1st after more scans it was not to be. Adrian fought as hard as anyone could. His family thought they had a few months… it turned into 12 days.
Adrian passed away just after midnight on the 12th of July.
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