The Mia

{the Mia} it is our honor to introduce our newest Binkeez for the Comfort:  the Mia.
As shared on her page, Mia was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in November of 2011 just days before her second birthday. She’s in treatment to hopefully keep her tumor (and spinal lesions) stable and we hope the chemotherapy shrinks them too. She’s our hero, inspiration and brave warrior. We relish the times she can be a typical three year old kid as we forge a path for our “new normal” lives. We would be nowhere without the continued love, prayers and support of our amazing family and friends.
Please support Mia, her journey and family at Mia the Warrior and Her Peeps
We were blessed to spend a few days with Mia and her momma in Chicago this past year.  There are just no words on her sweet and smart and all little girl Mia is and wonderful her momma is.
Lisa, your BinkeezLove package left Boston today, from our hearts to yours
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